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10/08/2016 19:58

The long-term project “Kind Guest” continues its work. The author and leader of this project is former employee of HBF “Hesed Besht”, and now volunteer of “Community” Olga Nikitina. During the period June-July three volunteer meetings have taken place. Guys have baked Shabbat challahs for people in need, seriously ill patients and slow-moving members of Jewish community. 18 volunteers have taken part in baking challahs. Shabbat kits, which were collected after baking, have been carried to 19 members of the community, and 10 kits were dispatched to regions of Khmelnytskyi, namely Kamenets-Podolsky, Slavuta and Shepetovka. Not the least important component of the project is, actually, visiting members of the community. People who let volunteers in their house expect not only products and Shabbat kits, but also communication. On the photo below you can see Efim Lerner – the hero of World War II who fought against fascism, and now lives under the care of HBF “Hesed Besht”. He has almost lost sight and hearing therefore communication with the man requires very loud voice. Despite this, visit of volunteers is very important and necessary for him, because he cannot even leave his one-room apartment.

еще печем халы печем халы У лернера