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02/02/2016 16:54

The Volunteering project connected to the help for the forced-resettled persons (FRP) from the zone of conducting anti-terrorist operations (ATO) by the armed forces of the Ukraine in Donetsk and Luhansk districts.
From the very beginning the project was framed by the time, but when this time went out, it was clear that the initiative had to be continued. The help to FRP is done at social and cultural levels. The volunteers collect the humanitarian aid, first need necessities, children’s clothes and other things. The necessary means, the volunteers look for inside the community as well as outside of it, addressing the donor organizations, physical persons, and the entrepreneurs.


The main benefactor of all large-scale projects is the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee “Joint”. Because of the reason that FRP live dispersed over the territory of Khmelnytsky and Ternopil districts, the volunteers deliver aids themselves, making visits to people’s homes. This is an ideal possibility for the cultural activities. Many people find themselves in small settlements, where besides them there is no Jewish population.

The volunteers are present at the Shabbats, they bring candles, wine and the other necessary things, they talk to people, discussing the Jewish topics, and they help to keep the continuous communications with the Jewish tradition, and Jewish world news.