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07/02/2017 20:24


Uncle Lyova, as we all call him in the community, is a fount of Jewish wisdom. In his home library there are many books for which he makes wooden shelves. At any opportunity he tries to supplement his valuable collection of books with new volumes. Here, besides many other editions, there are two volumes from the “Secrets of Jewish Wise Men” series. During the children’s visit Lev Hilovich recite these books from memory, precisely mentioning the page where this or that entry can be found.

Of course, Lev Hilovich dreamed of having at home the complete series of “Secrets of Jewish Wise Men”. Such dream couldn’t be set aside. The task, however, turned out to be not so simple: in the community these volumes were highly-prized and preserved. The books of limited edition were not publicly available. I took more than two months to grant this dream. Our volunteers found four missing volumes. The head of the community Igor Ratushny became one of the kind “wizards”, next two volumes we managed to found in the library. “Wizard” who wished to remain unnamed presented the fourth, rarest volume. Anyway, all missing volumes were gathered.

Uncle Lyova came to the Community Center, having no idea that his dream came true. Volunteers fixed a meeting in the library. “Do you believe in fulfillment of desires?” asked we uncle Lyova. “If all of us are here, it means, probably, I do” he answered without hiding a smile. Volunteers presented Lev Hilovich with the certificate of his dream fulfillment and four missing volumes of the rare books collection. It was a very emotional moment for all participants of this meeting. Uncle Lyova was absolutely happy! He thanked “Dream Does Not Grow Old” project and volunteers for their good work and for the books. For a rather long time we all remained in the library and listened to the uncle’s Lyova moral stories, both interesting and entertaining.

Execution of Lev Hilovich’s dream didn’t involve much money, but in a cultural and spiritual sense it had huge value. We acknowledge our gratitude to the kind “wizards”, thanks to which the dream turned into reality!