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02/02/2016 16:52

«Dialogue of Generations» —  it is a long term project, accepted by the Volunteering Center from HBF “Hesed Besht”.  Its main task is in the organization  of the different events for the youth and for the old people in order to share their skills,  knowledge, and wisdom.

About 50 people participate  in this project, 4 of them are the “oldest” volunteers, because they are more than 85 years old. In frames on this project, there are additional lessons for the youth in Physics, Biology, Economics and Math; also they organize their mutual Shabbats at homes of these old people, or they watch the new versions of the old films together.

This project helps the old people to struggle with their loneliness, to share their skills and knowledge and to “go together with the time” , but for the teenagers it gives the possibility to be surer in life, using the knowledge of the experienced members of the community.