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  Uncle Lyova, as we all call him in the community, is a fount of Jewish wisdom. In his home library there are many books for which he makes wooden …


“Community” has attracted volunteers from local technical college No. 11 for helping in reconstruction of the Center of rehabilitation and regional development. In summer students usually have time to practice. …

Seminar of “Gmilut Hasadim”

On July 13, volunteers of “Community” again have participated in seminar of “Gmilut Hasadim” organized by HBF “Hesed Besht” for clients from Starokonstantinov and Khmelnytskyi in the Communal Center “Tkhiya”. …

The championship on chess

On the 21 of July young volunteers of “Community” have held the championship on chess for volunteers of “golden age” who position themselves as volunteers in the spiritual sense as …

Kind Guest

The long-term project “Kind Guest” continues its work. The author and leader of this project is former employee of HBF “Hesed Besht”, and now volunteer of “Community” Olga Nikitina. During …

«Far Away From Home»

The Volunteering project connected to the help for the forced-resettled persons (FRP) from the zone of conducting anti-terrorist operations (ATO) by the armed forces of the Ukraine in Donetsk and Luhansk districts.

«Dialogue of Generations»

«Dialogue of Generations » — it is a long term project, accepted by the Volunteering Center from HBF “Hesed Besht”.

«Kind Guest»

«Kind Guest» — it is an extremely delicious project, which is directed to the support of the community members of the risk group, chronically ill, disabled and people living alone.

«Volunteer Landing»

«Volunteer Landing » – is a project for people strong not only in will but also physically.